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Culture ConNext is an organization dedicated to revolutionizing workplace culture.

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We believe that employees are paramount to the success of any great company. By focusing our attention on what drives the individual, we can learn and respond to the needs of the people responsible for the triumphs of the organization.

Our founder and Chief Culture Officer, Lina Graves, has dedicated her career as a Human Resources Professional to the pursuit of innovation in organizational culture. Her focus of achieving the highest level of team and workforce excellence is unsurpassed. It is Lina's belief that when a company dedicates 100% of their efforts to caring for its employees and offering a positive and enjoyable work environment, the response in-turn, is a workforce that is dedicated to the company's mission and vision.

In addition to being committed to creating sustainable work culture, Culture ConNext, Inc. is dedicated to serving the community by giving each and every conference a purpose that goes beyond culture and focuses on philanthropic initiatives.