Jaime Taets spent 13+ years working at the largest privately held corporation in the world in a variety of leadership roles and had the opportunity to live and work globally. She started Keystone Group International in 2013 to take her experience and help drive growth in more organizations across the globe. Keystone is focused on leadership development and organizational strategy, growth and change. Jaime believes that strong leadership and a change resilient culture is the foundation for sustainable growth for any business. Jaime uses her leadership experiences to drive “real” discussions about how we can all drive high performance and healthy change in our organizations. Leaders need to be focused on helping their organizations create a positive change mindset to manage the constant change as their businesses grow and transform.

In addition to running a company, Jaime also leads in her community. She offers her time to various non-profit causes and has been a Board Member for several non-profit organizations. She currently serves on the Board for Playworks Minnesota. Jaime also volunteers her time to mentor women who are starting their own businesses through a program at Women Venture. Jaime has built her business on the belief that if you seek to serve and help first, you create stronger and more beneficial relationships in all aspects of life, which can be the greatest contributor to your own success.

Jaime Taets

Chief Executive Officer

Keystone Group International