Why Culture Services?

Culture is comprised of shared values within an organization that determine the behaviors and habits adopted and expressed in the way in which an organization communicates with its employees. The fundamental aspect of culture that defines a successful organization is a leadership team with the distinct ability to understand, develop, maintain and promote the culture of the organization. These tools are essential to creating employment branding. When achieved in a proper and positive manner, employment branding sets organizations apart via the most valuable means of advertisement, employee ambassadors.

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Culture ConNext, Inc. is an organization dedicated to providing Virtual HR Solutions and Consulting Services to small/medium multi-industry businesses who aspire to incorporate a fully functional HR Department without the extensive overhead cost. The Culture ConNext Virtual HR Team becomes an extension of the organization which they serve, creating a seamless and integrated environment.

The Culture ConNext Team is committed to providing responsive, high-quality services in partnership with the clients we serve. Our team will make significant contributions to the future and development of the people and teams we support. This is the Nexus Commitment.


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Training & Education Services

Culture ConNext offers custom Training & Education programs tailored to accommodate the needs of each organization regardless of size or industry.  Our concept is designed to provide leaders who are responsible for building, maintaining and promoting culture within the organization the proper training and education tools to achieve a defined Organizational Nexus.

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Our Training & Education services are offered on-site or virtually utilizing an industry standard learning platform aimed to captivate and engage the learner(s). Our catalog of training experiences has depth and range focused on achieving the highest attainable levels of excellence in Culture-Designed Leadership™.